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Root canal therapy in Croydon

If you need root canal treatment on crowned teeth, contact Derby Road Dental Practice in Croydon today.

Root canal treatments

When the soft tissues inside your tooth become infected, it can cause great discomfort and pain, but worse still, the root of your tooth itself dies. Root canal treatment is the process of treating the infected tissues by removing the bacteria which causes the problem, removing the pain and protecting the root of your tooth. Where possible, we try to refrain from removing the infected tooth, limiting the negative impact on your smile and saving you money.
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Restore your damaged tooth

If you're suffering from tooth decay, a dental crown can be used to strengthen the remains of your existing tooth, without the need for a full tooth extraction. Once attached to your tooth, this will help protect your tooth from decaying further, keeping your teeth as healthy as possible, for longer.
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You're in safe hands

Derby Road Dental Practice offers modern dental treatments using the latest equipment, and is even listed in the top 1000 dental practices in the UK. You can rest assured knowing that you'll receive quality dental treatments whilst you're here.
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